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7 Ways of looking at a Masochistic Lion by whitbunny 7 Ways of looking at a Masochistic Lion :iconwhitbunny:whitbunny 0 0 Decay by whitbunny Decay :iconwhitbunny:whitbunny 4 0
Cool Story, Bro: A memoir
  "I had a workshop today. Can you guess who else was there?" My mother asked me as she picked me up from school. It was a simple enough statement and question combination that shouldn't have narrowed my world of vision as it did. I griped the seatbelt so hard that my knuckles popped under the pressure. Instantaneously my mind conjured up an image of a Caucasian woman with grey streaked brown hair surrounding her calm face. Her librarian glasses peaking from the crown of her hair as I watched her and my mother talk as I played with her sons.
"Mrs. Pham?" I replied to her question on a sigh. I wasn't really looking forward to this conversation much in the same way I'd never wanted this entire scenario to play out in my life. My mother nodded, her usually greenish hazel eyes darkening to a clear grey with the change of her emotions. She didn't like this subject as much if not more than me.
"She mentioned Kevin again. Said he's been asking about you. Wanting to know where you ar
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House of Horror
       Thunder rattled the foundation of the house jerking her awake. The rain pitter pattered against the glassy surface of the window echoing around the room. White lightening flashed eliminating the figurine showcased crossing behind her in the distance. She swiped her clammy twitching hand across her sweaty forehead shifting her eyes as the groans of the house persisted within her fog addled mind. Then it began. The repeated thump, scrape, clomp of heavy footfalls. They rebounded along the walls of the hallway outside of her door. The noise trapped and magnified within her mind until she could hear nothing but their movement steadily growing closer.
       The wind howled and seeped within the cracks surrounding the window pressed tightly against her back as she sat there, her legs pulled tightly against her heaving chest. Her gaze fixed upon the door as the mangled steps came to a halt just on the other side. Th
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Afterlife:Persephone and Hades
       There should have been fire. She was definitely expecting there to be blazing red fire, tortured souls, and Cerberus foaming at the mouth. Instead as she descended, trepidation eating away at her, she was surrounded by iridescent milky light filling a void of darkness. She clung to the stony wall as she continued slowly down the circling steps taking in the scene before her. Looking forward she was surprised by the layout before her. She paused for a moment taking in the landscape. Directly ahead of her was a forest of luminously vibrant trees. Leading from the steps and through those lustrous trees was a road of an almost opulent onyx color. She turned her head to the side searching for others or for any signs of movement and found none. And yet she had the distinct feeling she was being watched. Swallowing audibly she continued forward down the winding steps and onto the onyx road. Only then did she realize how she was dressed.
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United States
So it's been a really long time since I've done anything truly productive and creative. Long time since I've written for the simple joy of writing. Well...I've recently come to find a remarkably amazing muse and I've been doing a lot of research and scouting out some new ideas and I'm proud to say that...I'm going to continue most of my original stories.

I have a new prequel idea for Afterlife (My take on the story of Persephone and Hades; the Greek Gods) and I've started writing/plotting the first scene. So far I'm really happy with how it's coming along so I'll be posting it as soon as I'm completely happy with it.

I've also got some other stories floating around in my head but I'm not completely sure if they're DA safe. Really racy really erotic pieces that if executed right will make people wish they'd never heard of 50 Shades of Grey (Mind you have not read it...really don't plan on wasting my time when there's plenty of amazing fanfic online. But I digress.) and hopefully get me started on a whole line of new genre's.

I'm also in the process of getting some crafting on the go and trying to figure out my scholastic career. But all that to the side I plan on getting more of my work out there and hopefully living up to the expectations that have somewhat been placed on me. That being said, thanks for sticking around this far to those of you that have and thanks for any new stragglers that have shown up. I appreciate all the support I can get and I hope you're excited and love the new pieces I have coming soon.


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